Box with 8 bt. Asonor 30 ml.

Box with 8 bt. Asonor 30 ml.

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Here is the solution to snoring!



Asonor ® nose drops effectively remove the cause of snoring. It is a plain and simple treatment, which relives you of the inconvenience that snoring causes.
Asonor nose drops lubricates and softens the mucous membrane and lightly tightens the musculature in the throat. This means that breathing is not disturbed in any way, and that your mouth will not be as dry in the morning.



Are Asonor nose drops efficient?

Scientific research in , , Holland and shows that Asonor has a well-documented effect on snoring.
The results shows that 65% of the snorers are satisfied with Asonor. We are very satisfied with these results, which gives you a high degree of certainty that your snoring and inconvenience caused by snoring will disappear.
You sleep better and wake up refreshed after a good nights sleep. More than 80% of the persons that use Asonor have reported that they are less tired during the day.




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